Social Responsibility Score (SRS)

The multi-stakeholder metric helping businesses prioritize sustainability

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A common language
to encourage action

Reaching sustainability objectives can be challenging, particularly when progress tracking is inconsistent. The SRS metric simplifies this complexity by offering a universal perception metric. It can be used within and across businesses to quantify the ROI of sustainability.

ESG dimensions

Measure sustainability perceptions. 

Corporate ESG ratings capture a business's actions and intentions. Social Responsibility Score® (SRS) captures the human response to those efforts. 

SRS is a simple, easy to deploy measure that assesses how consumers, customers, employees, or investors perceive a brand's performance across environmental, social, and governance areas. 

It enables benchmarking across different brands, categories, markets, and time periods, and has been proven to align with business outcomes.

The metric is underpinned by a framework of 13 drivers that provide direction for action. 

SRS is supported by companies including

SRS Business Growth impact

Perception matters.  

An improvement in consumer perception, as measured by SRS, has been proven to align with revenue growth*.

Sustainability perceptions also influence a business's ability to secure external investment and to attract and retain talent

A currency for all

SRS is designed to be the go-to sustainability metric that supports businesses to make progress. It can be used under license by any business.

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    Use SRS to measure consumer perception of your own brand versus competitors. Assess perception across employees, customers, and investors. Create a common language that supports positive action.
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    Integrate SRS as a fusion metric into existing frameworks to create an affordable measurement entry point for your clients. Leverage a proven framework and benchmarks to open up new revenue streams.
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    Advisors and Consultants
    Use global SRS benchmarks and a proven framework within your consulting to gain a greater share of the growing ESG transformation opportunity.
Tim Clover, Glow CEO
Jonathan hall kantar
Tom Gunson pwC
Tim Clover, Glow CEO
While many businesses have active ESG programs, most fail to measure stakeholder response to these efforts, which can lead to resource misallocation, employee disengagement, and consumer switching. Every business should be empowered to quantify their progress in the eyes of stakeholders, so we are making the SRS metric available to all under license.
Tim Clover
Jonathan hall kantar
We hear often from clients that they need a simple, common language for measuring sustainability, which is why we support this industry-wide opportunity to maximize our impact. No agency can solve this problem on its own.
Jonathan Hall
Managing Partner, Sustainable Transformation Practice
Tom Gunson pwC
Quantifying social and environmental risk is now an imperative for Boards and Executives. Taking an evidence-based approach to measuring the effects of ESG actions on all stakeholders is new and exciting. Combining consumer-driven data with our ESG, analytics and consulting solutions provides new insights on what is working well and what areas require more focus.
Tom Gunson
Managing Partner, Australia
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How the metric works

How the metric works.

  • SRS can be calculated for any brand using a simple single question that creates a score ranging from -100 to +100.
  • Scores can be split by key customer groups to identify supporters and detractors.
  • A separate 13 driver diagnostic can be deployed to reveal the ‘why’ behind the score to inform detailed action.
SRS data depth

Built for purpose.

  • Benchmarks have been created from over 25m brand interviews across 3 markets spanning 700+ brands in 15+ industries. These calibrate relative performance and inform associated brand opportunity or risk. 
  • *SRS has been validated across multiple studies to align with key business indicators including brand trust and revenue growth using over $2Trn in sales data.